Monday, November 10, 2008

Writers Meetup

I've been trying to get the young writers of Davao together for the longest time. Last Saturday, the meeting finally happened...sort of.

Brief background: Dagmay has been very fertile ground for scoping out new local talent. I've been building up a database of writers as their works are published. I would say that majority of contributors to Dagmay are under 25 years. Most of them come from Ateneo de Davao and the University of the Philippines-Mindanao.

The funny thing is that the meeting almost never happened. We originally planned to meet at Basti's Legaspi. Unfortunately, when I got there, the coffee shop was closed. For some very strange reason, they are not open on Saturdays. Good thing Karla and Marvin showed up; we decided to move the meeting to Dunkin' Donuts. For insurance, we left a note
on the wall.

Fortunately, I was able to contact a few more people about the change in plans. Not long after, Dr. Mac Tiu showed up at Dunkin' Donuts, followed by Abigail, Bam, Maris, Kokoi, and later on by Jackie. We discussed plans for a regular ongoing writers workshop that will meet every two weeks.

It's still a small group. I hope that with time we'll gain some momentum.


  1. This is a worthy undertaking, Dom! Can I sit in sometime? :)

  2. Sure thing, Blogs. As soon as we stabilize the group, I'll let you know.

  3. Naa na diay Fully Booked sa Davao City? Saw a plastic bag sa picture.

    And I thought dili jud na siya maka-penetrate dira ke taas kaayo ug mark-up ilahang mga books..

    - Paolo Bataller

  4. Hi, Pao: no, that plastic bag was from Manila. I was showing off my first mainstream publication ;-)