Friday, November 14, 2008

Wings and Wedges

Some shots of "Wings and Wedges", where we'll be having Poetry Night on November 22.

I dropped by last night to see the place and got to meet the owner, Greg "Gigoy" Respecia, who told me a little about his restaurant.

"Wings and Wedges" is apparently a local artist hub, being a center for musicians, visual artists, and filmmakers. It's fondly called "Wee-Wee" by its regulars.

All in all, a decent place; cozy ambience, sufficiently lit, with enough space for performances.

Sounds like a good answer to Mag:net Café in Katipunan.


  1. hi! nice place. where is it located? maybe i can drop by sometime. visit my site at and

  2. Have you tried the wings? What about the wedges?

  3. Hi, Thelly: it's at Matina Town Square. Entrance driveway, to the right when you're going in. You can't miss it. Poetry night is on November 22.

    Hi, Roy: not as yet, only their spaghetti.