Sunday, November 02, 2008


In case you haven't noticed, I've added a small microblog widget on the side, powered by Plurk. Yes, I've given in to the temptation and signed up for the social networking / instant update craze.

It's not that you need to know any more about my boring life than you already do: I just thought it would make a good addition to the blog for those small updates that don't need a long dedicated blog post.

Sure, there's always the danger of sliding into the trivial minutiae of life, like "Dominique is taking breakfast" or "Dominique is getting ready for work." I promise not to do that. Instead, I'll be posting what I hope to be are moderately interesting links.

On the other hand, it's also a great way of keeping in touch with friends. It's good to know how things are going with people I know, even when they're away. And no, I don't mind knowing that you're taking breakfast or getting ready for work.

What are you waiting for? Sign up.


  1. Wow, it seems that plurk is starting to get popular these days, huh? When I first saw it, I thought the strange mascots and the Timeline view were a bit gimmicky at first; maybe I ought to check it out once more. :D

    Oh, I suppose you can always subscribe to Twitter pages via Google Reader. Mine's

  2. Thanks, Francis, I'll check that out. Seems everyone I know is moving to Plurk, though.

  3. Hi Dom,
    Not sure if you still remember me. Bong Saculles. IBM days. I've always wondered where you are and what you've been up to since you left Manila. Chanced upon your blog through your column in ComputerWorld Phils. I am into blogging, too ( Just starting. Definitely an amateur. I may try out "plurking" as you've suggested. Hope to hear from you one of these days.

  4. Hey, Bong! welcome to the wild world of blogging. Nice blog name, by the way. I'm adding you to my RSS feeds.