Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pictures from Poetry Night

Poetry Night was a success! We had a turnout of over a dozen readers -- including Aida Rivera-Ford -- and an audience of around 60. It was nailbiting approach to 8 pm, with only a few familiar faces at first; but when the appointed time came around, people started pouring in.

So, yeah, that's me reading one of my poems. (Thanks to Chi for taking the photo.) More pictures follow.

Getting warmed up for the event. That's Jhoanna, our emcee for the evening, in the pretty dress. We were doing things on the fly, not really sure of who was reading until we started. And even then, a few more surprise volunteers turned up.

Jhoanna kicking things off.

Dr. Mac Tiu introducing the Davao Writers Guild. Though the guild has had reading activities before, all those were done in schools. This is the first public reading, apparently, in Davao.

Marvin reading his poem. He almost declined, having forgotten his piece. Good thing someone brought the Ateneo literary folio where his work was published.

My buddies from my book circle, Aicha and Julienne. Thanks for coming, guys!

Karla's turn at the mike, talking about Sitting Beside Handsome.

Nurse, writer, journalist Ness Doctor. (Yes, that is her family name.)

Gregg Galgo, from USEP, ruminating on Samal. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Gregg face-to-face on Poetry Night. Previously all our communications had been via email.

Koi, adding a touch of mysticism to solitaire.

Chi, with an on-the-spot poem, dedicated to Jhoanna.

Macky, with a very deep Filipino poem.

Sheila, exploring the topics of sex and death.

A quick shot of the audience.

Jhoanna's turn at the mike, reading from her Palanca-winning entry, Sapay Koma.

Yas ponders the Answer to Life.

DWG president Ric de Ungria wraps up the evening.

Thanks to all who came, and thanks to Wings and Wedges for letting us use the place. Sa uulitin!