Friday, November 14, 2008

Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler

Charles Tan and Mia Tijam's Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler is up. It features works of horror, fantasy, and science fiction from various Filipino authors.

Plugging it for another reason, too: I made the template for the site. (I guess that proves I actually can move beyond white background templates -- *snicker*).

After thinking through various patterns, I struck on the bright idea of using alibata characters. I used the most excellent alibata resource, Ating Baybayin, as my reference.

The alibata isn't just random, either. They actually mean something. Can you guess what?

Yay, I'm a graphic designer now.

(By the way, the cover art is by Andrew Drilon.)


  1. How very... nationalistic. :)

  2. Just a little homage to local culture.

  3. I was referring to what the Alibata characters spelled out, really.

  4. Nice design man. Any chance I can commission you for a nice blog template design? :-)

    P.S. I tried using your tri-column template but it seems like it doesn't like my interface. :-(