Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai, in quieter days

Like many others, I'm horrified at the unfolding events in Mumbai. It's gotten so that I can't bear to watch the news for too long.

I visited India in 2001; Mumbai was the last stop on my itinerary. I had an afternoon off and wandered the city streets, eventually making my way to the waterfront where the Taj Mahal hotel was. It was majestic.

It was majestic.


Gateway to India, also in Mumbai.

More photos here and here. (They're not very good photos, mind.)


  1. you know what's the sadder part? the hotel management was actually warned about this, that it was going to happen! grrrrr, pati sa kanila nainis ako. they could've beefed up security, no excuses. the killings are so unnecessary :(

  2. Oh, I wouldn't go around pointing fingers. From the terrorists' perspective, the virtue of the attack was that it was totally unexpected. Even if the hotel had been warned, who would have imagined that it would engulf the metro district of Mumbai?



    although i'm not sure if US is trying to make itself look like the hero. but if this is true... surely there's no excuse for the lapse of security anymore :(