Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feature Stories

Today brought a bit of a surprise: on my lap landed a new subject to teach, Engl107, Feature Stories.

The first inkling of that, not quite overt, was when I bumped into Maricar Panda, my Literary Theory teacher from last year. Would I be willing to teach in the Humanities, she asked. Of course, I said, and the implication was that I would start next semester.

Then I got the text message from Dr. Mac Tiu around half past noon. Was my 1:30MWF free, he asked, and could I take over a class from Don Pagusara? Uhhh...okay....

Truth be told, I'm a little flattered. As I've mentioned here before, I sent in two resum├ęs, one to the Computer Studies Department and one to the English Department. It just so happened that the Computer Studies Department called first. One subject became two, but you know that part of the story.

The laboratory component of the CSD classes continue to take a lot of my preparation time but things have gotten slightly easier in the past couple of weeks. Perhaps they just feel that way. I could take on one more subject, thankfully one without a computer laboratory attached to it.

Besides, how could I say no? It seems that the doctor has advised my old mentor to rest up this semester. I owe Don quite a bit because it was under his tutelage that I started writing again, after my long post-workshop slump; and it was also in his class that I wrote my first published short story. Quite an honor to be taking over a class for him.

I had to beg off, though, when they were about to foist another class on me. Mustn't bite off more than I can chew, not with young minds on the line.

Since we're already four weeks into the semester, I have to hit the ground running with this one. I met the class with Mac earlier this afternoon. They look to be a bright, perky bunch, (a welcome respite from the blank looks I get on the left half of my Open Source Technologies class.) It helps greatly that it's a small class, too, only five students, consisting of third years and fourth years. It helps, too, that it's a workshop format, something I'm annoyingly good at.

Again for this class, I introduced a Google groups mailing list, a mechanism that seems to be working well with my Information Security class. Spent the rest of the afternoon and the evening looking up additional resources to use for the class, and my first major find, Pearls Before Breakfast, the reading assignment for tomorrow.

And finally, the overarching objective for this class: get published!

What else can I say? Banzai!