Thursday, November 06, 2008

Class picture

Believe it or not, this picture was unplanned. We were setting up virtual machines with virtual networks with VirtualBox. Everyone was enthused. For some reason or other, they were all gathered around this one station, and it just so happened I was behind the screen...seemed like the perfect opportunity to snap a candid shot. Then somebody just happened to look up and notice.

And, of course, it ended up with this.

Anyway, got everyone into Ubuntu now. In one morning, they've set up a LAMP environment. Next week is the fun stuff.


  1. Wee..I was here.. We enjoyed the class.. Honestly, I did.. I felt like a real student again. Going to a class where a teacher actually teaches us something and actually learning is quite rejuvenating..

    I never imagined Linux could be so exciting.. People always judge it as being a geeky OS so a lot of us stay away from it.

    PS: Sorry for being late.. won't happen again.. :)

  2. @Cheryl: Heh. Apple-polisher. :-) But seriously, thanks for the compliment. I hope you guys have even more fun in future lab classes.

    @Junkie: Too bad you won't be able to join us for the hacking fun. We'll be probing remote systems and all.

  3. ahem... i think im there... lolz.. me too i was late that day.. sorry.. eheheh.. oh btw it was fun.. XD - ~~francis~~