Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Big Bang Theory" postscript

Haven't been posting as often here lately because I'm occupied with my open source technologies class blog (yes, there is one; that's where I put up notes, presentations, and assignments.)

Anyway, took some time off to watch season2, episode 8 of "The Big Bang Theory" and saw this postscript after the end-credits. (The episode had a couple of not-so-subtle digs at George Lucas -- and William Shatner.)

I have to say I must agree.


  1. Because of my work schedule, I haven't seen a complete episode of this show, though I have seen clips from the series on the cbs web site.
    It looks funny.....but I'm not sure if I could watch an entire season.
    (I can only handle so-much absurdity).

  2. South Park did even worse to Lucas/Spielberg. I won't post the link because it's pretty graphic, even for South Park standards... :)


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