Monday, October 13, 2008

Wikipedia, the judge, and the dwarfs

To begin, let me state for the record that I am not CMA.

To the casual observer, the mistake may be understandable. After all, some people have nicknames made out of their family names. I am not one of them. If anyone were to do so, I would correct them immediately; this means, obviously, that I wouldn't be one to give myself such a moniker.

Now the reason I bring this up is because, unknown to me until recently, my name was involved in a case of mistaken identity in the Wikipedia. It's a controversy that involves a dismissed judge with a penchant for, er, dwarfs.

The reference to me is in the User section of Wikipedia. I would have copied the text but I found it so nonsensical and weird that it's probably best that you see it for yourself. I have provided a screenshot below:

The section came under the heading of someone named Florentino Floro. When I first saw the name, I wondered why it was so familiar. Then it occurred to me that someone by that name had been pestering me in my Friendster and Facebook accounts.

Who was Florentino Floro? And why was he stalking me? I finally had some inkling, but I still didn't know what it was all about.

It wasn't until today that I finally got the rest of the story.

Basically, Floro registered an account on Wikipedia. If you don't remember who he is, he's that judge who was dismissed from the judiciary a few years ago on account of taking counsel from his three magical dwarves, Armand, Luis, and Angel. Anyway, the basic gist is that he's a pretty terrible editor, who may make good edits on occasion, but mostly puts edits that either 1) nobody cares about or 2) "confirm" his psychic predictions about disasters that will befall people he has grudges against.

Me and this other guy called him out on it, and now we constantly watch his edits to revert them if they're bad. Now he hates us, accusing us of crab mentality, e-stalking, harassment, etc. You already know what he thinks he's doing (or thinks he's doing) to me, but on that other guy's end, it's even more bizarre. Floro checked his IP and upon finding out that the guy was in India at the time, decided that he was responsible for three plane crashes in India and started hurling accusations to that effect.

We've tried getting him to stop and I've even been hinting at getting him blocked, but the admins seem to have an excess of diplomacy, thinking it's fair to let him stay on account of his having good intentions, while others inexplicably are unable to see that he's a terrible editor and jump to his defense.

The whole story is really much longer than this and has been going on for about a year, but here's a basic summary.

The best parts are the rants Floro makes whenever someone asks him something, there should be a number of those linked from there. He goes off the deep end a number of times yet somehow nobody can see how nuts he is.

To round it off, here's an article in the Inquirer about the person in question: Stop filing appeals or be held in contempt.

Ah, Weirdness, thy name is the Internet.

Note: Updated with a screenshot of my Facebook inbox.


  1. Good grief, this is confusing. Based on how I read the linked transcripts, it looks like there was some ruckus about Judge Floro's activity on Wikipedia, during which a user named "Cma" got adversely involved. Somehow Judge Floro identified "Cma" as "Dominique Cimafranca" via certain (inaccurate) avenues of research, and was trying to contact you as a result. Was that correct?

    If so, I'll be neutral here. I'd like to ask if you received and read any of Judge Floro's messages to you, and if these were given in at least a formal and/or civil tone. I'm wondering why he bothered to try to contact you directly in the first place, to be honest.

    I do find it strangely ironic that Judge Floro did not realize that you were not "Cma" to begin with, despite his given personal sources of reference.

    Nevertheless, it'll make a good cautionary tale for people - regardless of where we get our information, none of us is as intelligent as we may think.

  2. That's about the story, Sean. Obviously his sources didn't give him the correct information about me ;-) Or maybe it was something in the phase of the moon.

    To be fair: nothing overtly hostile on Friendster and Facebook, just some requests to "add him up" and a couple of messages. Left me puzzled the first time, though. But really, I only accept invites from people I know and from beautiful girls. So there.

  3. Leaves me wondering about some of the cases he decided, though....

  4. Wow. There are all sorts of creeping creatures diay here on the net just like in real life where there are quack doctors as well as quacko judges, it seems.

  5. I thought I was having problems with an anonymous commenter stalking me....but it dwarfs in comparison to what you're going through.


    scroll to the middle

  7. I went to the link provided by anonymous....and yes, the judge is seriously disturbed. It seems he's guilty of the sins he tries to lay on you.
    At least he posted a flattering photo of you.

  8. oh ew. he's creepy. and weird. he's probably one of those guys who used to get bullied back in high school. by girls. Dom, get back to posting about edward cullen instead. hahahaha... i saw the link too. he's definitely creepy. he gave me goosebumps. and a heartburn too. im wondering if he'd put a curse on me if he sees this. if he does imma get edward and the rest of my vampire homies to bite him. they beat sharks and dwarfs (plus creepy, judge dude) ANY DAY. ;)

  9. Hiya Dom, you should consult the new age books of your fellow atenean tony perez :)

    or write a specfic: stalking the crab ;)

    may the force be with you!

  10. Well... considering that there have been no acts of escalation here, and seeing that the good judge has chosen to take it to a more private forum, I think that the matter can be put to rest for now. If he wishes to continue the conflict from his side (regardless of the fact that you really weren't involved in the first place), then I assume that he remains familiar with the laws that he cites in the same post.

  11. Thanks for the comments, guys. You're right, there's no further escalation so that's a good thing. I hope it stays that way. But the reason I wrote this all up is because it really weirded me out that someone was compiling a dossier on me. Not that it's hard to do with Google and all (goodbye, privacy), but still, the very idea....

  12. Hiya Dom, don't lower your guard just yet,I read in another blog (American) that the juez spammed it and sent viruses too. It aint over til it's over, methinks :(

  13. He's been quite a pest on PEX that I actively avoid any thread he posted on, especially in the Political threads. I am quite surprised he's still this active.


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