Monday, October 06, 2008

A week in Manila

Spent the entire week in Manila, just returned to Davao today. Highlights:
  • Workshop on open source software selection with the International Open Source Network, the main reason for the trip. Workshop lead was Carlo Daffara from Italy. Overall verdict: fantastic.

  • LitCritters session with Dean, Nikki, Charles, Vin, Andrew, Alex, Kate, Elyss, Erika, Zarah, and, er, a couple of girls whose names I don't remember

  • Visited the Libre Lahat exhibit at Podium. Pretended to be ignorant of open source (just enough to annoy the designated spokesperson). Met Rick Bahague of Computer Professionals Union.

  • Small reunion with Marcelle and Charo.

  • A couple of friendly dates.

  • Stumbled into Manolo Quezon and AWB Holdings at Krispy Kreme in Greenhills

  • Bought more books. Sigh. I really need to stop buying.

  • Window-shopped, mostly. Nothing much that I can't get in Davao.

  • For all its attractions, Manila feels roughly the same since I was last there. I was happier to meet with people, more than anything else.


    1. "a couple of girls whose names I don't remember"
      let's hope you didn' what transpired with those young ladies.=:)

    2. All aboveboard and on an intellectual level, I assure you. Besides, they were seated on the other end of the table. :-)

    3. Don't worry Dom, I also splurge on books when I am in Manila and I think that's forgivable given the limited titles we can find here in Davao. :)

    4. it was great fun running into you!

    5. I was in Manila last week too! :) Waving.hehe.

    6. Hi Dom!

      We've met before, I think. Good to see you again!

    7. Dear Dom, many thanks; I also quite enjoyed work with you all. See you next time,
      Carlo Daffara