Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sick Days

When you're self-employed, or worse, employed in the small family business, sick leave means an altogether different thing than if you were working for a cold, disinterested corporation. Perhaps the most critical difference is when you ask yourself: "Am I really sick?"

This is the situation I found myself in this week. It started with fits of coughing on Saturday which got progressively worse on Sunday. The week before I had a bad case of sniffles but I thought I had licked it with Neozep, Ventolin, and megadoses of Vitamin C. Either this was something entirely new, or the bug had come back with a vengeance.

I thought I could sleep the whole thing off on Sunday and bounce back the following day. Hooboy. No such luck. Come Monday, I was stoned.

I haven't been this sick in quite a while. I went to the family doctor, she prescribed antibiotics (the strong kind) and more Ventolin, but neither seemed to help. Worse still, I was running a high fever but didn't even know it. I snuck back home to sleep the afternoon off; I woke up in the evening and headed back to the store just to close it.

To add to my woes, I was home alone, the rest of the family off on a family vacation.

Come Tuesday, I was staggering to get out of bed. Mercifully, my sister called and told me she could open the store. I thanked her, got right back to bed, and slept through the whole day. And I still didn't feel any better.

Ordinarily, sick days would be a time to kick back, relax, and recuperate. I couldn't even muster the energy to read or to blog (hence the absence). Listlessly, I flitted from pointless task to pointless task during my waking moments. No appetite for anything; instead, I had the TV on the whole time. How dreary.

(Barack blah-blah-blah McCain blah-blah-blah Jennylyn is cute too bad she didn't end up with Nate NUMB3Rs is really cool Euro-Generals ha-ha-ha Timmy was an average kid that no one understands Mom and Dad and Vicky always giving him commands wands and wings floating crowny things...)

Wednesday I was well enough to open the store but it was essentially a repeat of Monday. The doctor finally recommended an extra dose of antibiotics which finally seems to have done the trick. As if to signal relief from my agony, the family arrived from their vacation Wednesday evening.

So here I am, still listless, metallic taste still in my mouth, but feeling marginally better enough to blog. Whew.

Going back to the original question: "Was I really sick?"

You betcha.


  1. Glad you're feeling better na, Doms.

  2. aaaahhyesss.. nothing beats the sniffles like a good episode of the Fairly OddParents.. I still have my godparents, Dom. You should have told me you were sick so I could wish it away. Hahahahaha...

  3. Thanks, Doc Ness. When I saw I had a comment from you, I was half-expecting treatment advice. ;-)

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  5. Hi Dom,
    If I was inclined to inject a bit of humor, I'd say something about Windows and Linux and viruses....but I'll just say, I'm glad you're feeling better.

  6. Aagh. Really? I didn't know that. Hmmmm... I'm trying to Google Da Rules. has no results. I'm taking this very seriously. Hahaha.. :)

    One year? Big deal. Joke. :) it's just a year. A pretty long year.

  7. btw. how'd you know? :)

    have i been blabbing online too much again or what? :)