Thursday, October 16, 2008

The names they give to biscuits these days...

So I received an email from a concerned friend telling me what milk-based products on the market were and weren't safe for consumption, owing to the melamine contamination from China. The good news is that only one tested positive while 34 others supposedly tested negative.

The bad news? Well, the bad news is...given the names of some of these products, I'm not sure they should be eaten in the first place. The names are just so...strange.

From this list, my favorites have got to be Barbie Milk Candy (I feel perversely turned on), Call and Text Candy (by Smart Plastic Mfg. -- name aside, what is a plastic company doing selling candy?), and Red Bull Skimmed Milk Powder (guaranteed to keep you up?)

List follows. What can I say? Enjoy, and stay melamine-free!

1. Aria Instant White Milk Powder Milex 126

2. Baby Sucker Candy (Smart Plastic Mfg.)

3. Baina Watch Milk Candy

4. Bainapie Coolmilk Bean

5. Barbie Milk Candy

6. Call and Text Candy (Smart Plastic Mfg.)

7. Chang's Chin Tai Chang Square Cookies

8. Changtai Food Lollipop Candy

9. Chaozhou-Zhangcui Original Butter Scotch Classic Candy

10. Cow's Head Skimmed MilkPowder (Spray-Dried Process)

11. Dairy Cow Instant Whole Milk Powder

12. Dongguan bairong Strawberry Biscuit

13. Dongguan HSU-CHI Orange Sandwich Cookies

14. Duke's Choco Crunch Bar

15. Erko Marshmallows (Dairy Milk Flavour Filling)

16. Galaxy Sweetened Milk Powder

17. H&Y (Healthy and Young) Jollybee Eat & Drink Candy (Orange Flavor)

18. Jiayuan Shuang Le Tong Candy

19. Jollycow Sterilized Milk

20. Khong Guan Custard Cream Biscuit

21. Khong Guan Marie Biscuit

22. Lotte Nidoo Skimmed Milk Powder

23. MC Nation Confectionary Milky Beans Candy

24. Milk Land Milk Powder (Sweet Cream Buttermilk Powder)

25. Orion "It's Now" Custard Cream Cake

26. Palma Commercial Skimmed Milk Powder

27. Permen Aneka Rasa Buah Candy Granules

28. Red Bull Skimmed Milk Powder

29. Sam's Super i Man Milk Candy

30. Strange Biscuit of Common Song/Guava Cookies

31. Sweetworld Almo Milk Powder Bottle

32. The New Zealand Company Omilk Bonbon Yogurt Milk Soft Drops (Original Taste)

33. Tiwi Banana Split Chocolate

34. Vitasoy Malted Soya Bean Milk


  1. I'm not sure why, but Strange Biscuit of Common Song/Guava Cookies is my favorite.

  2. D'oh! Missed that! Good eye, Bob.

  3. Haha. This is funny - we all know sex sells, Dom!

    Personally, I make it a point of not buying food if I can't understand what's written on it. :)

  4. Ah ha ha ha...I knew you'd chime in, Nikka.