Monday, August 04, 2008

Someone forgot to renew their domain...

Thought I saw an interesting feed on the ABS-CBN web site and when I go check it, I get this:

Looks like someone forgot to renew their domain....

Tsk tsk, multibillion peso multimedia empire pa naman.

Or maybe it's the work of...destabilizers?


  1. Perhaps it is a corporate re-branding?

  2. The pretty young blonde girl is certainly an improvement.

  3. Seems fixed now. I wonder how much they paid to get the domain back. :-P

  4. Strange. Still seeing the placeholder page.

  5. i think you cannot just take it for the purpose and "extorting" money from the former owner before it expires. Unless Network Solutions allows/did it "again". Given Network Solutions has been involved in domain parking accusations in the past.

    Search this keywords on google "network solutions domain hijacking"