Sunday, August 17, 2008


As much as I'm able, I make it a point to buy legitimate copies of movies and video games I enjoyed. Such was the case with Joss Whedon's Serenity, which I first saw via, um, BitTorrent back in 2006, and again just recently on HBO.

I never did pick up the DVD when I first saw it, though. Reason being: at P575, it was still expensive.

And then, I saw it marked down to P200 at a local video retailer. That was finally my sweet spot.

Enjoyable as it was for a moderate Firefly fan, it's not hard to see why it didn't do well in the box office. I think Serenity was made with far too much baggage from the show. While still accessible, story-wise, to the first-time viewer, it still comes across as an extended television episode. For the first-time viewer, it lacks the oomph; that probably left many people wondering what exactly it was all about.

Still, I don't see how Joss Whedon could have made it any other way.

Anyway, the DVD was certainly worth the purchase. I enjoyed the commentary because of its insight into the creative process. Whedon is still one of the better contemporary world-builders out there today. If not the best.

I also liked the outtakes and the deleted scenes.

The best deleted scene was in the last conversation between Mal and the Operative. The Operative asks Mal how he managed to go on after he had lost everything. Mal answers, obliquely, that you just keep right on walking (partly in reference to the Operative standing so close to the thrusters.)

Then, as Mal walks into Serenity, he mutters:

"What a whiner...."

That was a classic!

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