Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama is the antichrist

...well, maybe. Or maybe not. Not that I would believe it, or particular care.

It's funny, though, how the thought popped into my mind, possibly independently of anything that I had actively seen or read. It came after I saw footage of the revival-like Democratic National Convention. To be honest, I found the fervor a little unsettling.

It seems several other blogs have beat me to the punch. A quick search on Google for "obama antichrist" will produce hundreds of results. CNN, believe it or not, actually did a story on this. The "Left Behind" people have weighed in. Snopes has an article. (What do they say? Well, click to find out.)

Now I wonder how that meme got around?

Secretly I rooted for Obama during the democratic nominations because, well, I couldn't stand Hillary Clinton. She reminded me too much of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. So, ewww on that.

But after he got the nomination? It was pretty much downhill from that. The reason is the increasingly populist and increasingly empty message of "change." As GK Chesterton says, not all change is necessarily good.

So am I rooting for John McCain? Meh. Probably more of the same from the past eight years.

Then again, my vote doesn't count.