Monday, August 18, 2008

Kadayawan 2008

It's Kadayawan week in Davao so the city is in a festive mood. Celebrations will last throughout the entire week, with highlights being the opening on Monday and the street celebrations on Saturday and Sunday.

You can get the full schedule of activities from the Kadayawan web site. Below, I'm presenting a simplified schedule.

Just a couple of notes:

* Throughout the week, the different lumad tribes will have performances at Rizal Park.

* The street performances usually go through C.M. Recto street and end at the City Hall area. Best location for photos is near Ateneo de Davao University.

August 18, Monday
Kadayawan Festival Grand Opening
4:00PM People's Park

Indigenous People's Festival Opening Rites
6:00PM Rizal Park / OsmeƱa Park

August 19, Tuesday
Hiyas ng Kadayawan
Evening - CAP Auditorium

August 20, Wednesday
Tunog Mindanaw World Music Festival
6:00PM - NCCC Mall of Davao

August 21, Thursday
Sayaw Mindanaw
6:00PM - SM City Davao

August 22, Friday
Tugogan sa Kahiusahan
Mindanao Indigenous People's Music Festival
Morning - Victoria Plaza
Afternoon to Evening - Rizal Park

Davao River Festival
2:00PM - Davao River

Mindanao Fashion Night
6:00PM - The Venue

August 23, Saturday
Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan
Street Dancing Competition
Afternoon - Streets of DAvao

August 24, Sunday
Pamulak Kadayawan
Floral Float Parade and Competition
8:00AM - Streets of Davao

Contemporary Music and Dance Concerts at the Parks
3:00PM - Rizal Park and People's Park

Pahalipay ni Mayor sa Kadayawan
6:00PM - Rizal Park


  1. Hi Dom,
    I'm sure this is complicated, but what determines who is or isn't "indigenous people" in Philippines?

  2. Shhh! We're just enjoying it for the local color.

  3. Hi Dom,
    I wanted to leave a comment on your post about the recent killings by the MILF but it seems comments were disabled. Had I been able to comment I would have said,
    "There are times when, in a struggle for self determination, it is proper to fight an oppressive government. However, terrorist attacks on civilians are never justifiable. Whether or not the Moros are entitled to their own homeland in Mindanao is something I can't answer, but this act of violence is the work of cowards and pigs."