Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kadayawan 2008 pics

Kadayawan street dancing today, one of the highlights of the event. I took my bike to the city center this morning, armed with my point-and-shoot camera and just started shooting. As with everyone else, I staked out the dancers at Magsaysay Avenue, which was the perfect spot for taking pictures and videos. There was plenty of room and the dancers were still fresh and rehearsing.

I'll post more videos and photos soon. In the meantime, here are the best of the lot. (Note: I'm asserting my moral rights to these photos. If you want to reuse them for your web site, please include the proper attribution. If you want to buy these photos for publication, contact me. High resolution copies are available.)

This Ovu-Manuvu gent was dancing his heart out. His performance was accompanied by hilarious facial expressions such as winking and puckering. I caught this one at just the right moment.

This princess of the sea was ensconced in her own gigantic clamshell. She gamely posed for photos while waiting for their performance.

A quick break from the dancing to pose for the camera. It's shots like these that I really like.

This girl's costume must have been really hot. It was made with feathers for some sort of eagle dance. She still managed to smile though.

Young drummers for the Ovu-Manuvu, probably the liveliest group in the Indak-Indakan.


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  2. happy kadayawan..hahaha kadali ra kapost ug pix uie...char..murag close.. just droppin to view more blogs...

  3. looks nice! mainit tho. sana i was there to see it...

  4. ang cute nung first photo! well, maybe "cute" is not the right word, but you know :)