Friday, August 15, 2008

Cotabato Aid

Wherever you stand on the BJE MOA-AD, it's time to put that aside for the moment to deal with a very real problem: internally displaced refugees.

This message from Sarah Matalam, who's directly involved in the relief efforts:

Our medical/dental relief mission to four internal towns of Pikit will be this TUESDAY, AUGUST 19. Just in case you guys want to drop off your old clothes, canned goods, old blankets, towels or anything else of substance, please do so at my house or at the Jesuit House in Ateneo University. Look for Fr. Albert Alejo.

I'm appealing to your kind hearts to donate whatever you can. An old tattered shirt in your closet can cover a poor childs back for a few years. Please please lets help while we can.

Additional messages from Fr. Albert:

"Yes, we are collecting help. P30 per water container, good for one family. Very important! Tent is P45 per meter. Perhaps we can mobilize the bloggers."

"Can we get a truck to bring goods to Cotabato? Major problem pa na karon. We may collect but Ateneo vehicles can't go beyond Kidapawan."

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  1. wait. ateneo university? in davao? what if you're all the way in manila? what can you do?