Thursday, July 24, 2008

Original Davao cosplay!

Cosplay this, Manila boys and gals! This is about as original as it gets.

Seriously, now: on a lark, I decided to head over to the People's Park at 7am this morning. Good thing, too, as I caught high school students from Assumption College of Davao preparing for a native Mindanaoan dance.

I asked if I could take photos and they gamely said yes. I even videotaped their performance.

I decided to wait for their actual performance, which was being videotaped by some professional director. This video shoot was for their GJC, or Golden Jubilee Celebration.

My own video:

The dance itself is very simple, even repetitive, but there's a meditative quality about it, what with the colors and the beat of the kulintang.

Made my day.


  1. Hello Kuya Dom. This isn't related to the cosplay entry (although i do miss ethnic spectacles like that now that i'm here). This has something to do with, one of your "Village Idiot Savant Production". wanted to submit a comment sa Dagmay Legends but i cant. Well, just wanted you know that your links aren't working.- paolo bataller

  2. Hi, Pao: Dagmay comments are moderated, so I have to approve them first. Which link was the problem?

    You want cosplay, lots of cosplay there in Manila. You should take the opportunity to take it in while you're there.

  3. the dance made me reminisce on my sisira-ang-bulaklak-bubuka-ang-bulaklak childhood days.. (--,)

  4. Happy to jog those memories, Swexie. Now, would you know what this dance is called?


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