Friday, July 04, 2008

Not Smart enough

I've been hitting the theaters a lot lately, what with blockbuster after blockbuster coming out in succession. Since it's a Friday afternoon and I'm winding down already, I thought I'd put out quick reviews. Here goes the first one....

To start off, I'm a big fan of the Get Smart series. I caught daily reruns while vacationing back in the States so many years ago. I also saw the Don Adams movies, my favorite being "The Nude Bomb." When they announced the Steve Carell remake/re-imaginining/re-whatever, I certainly was looking forward to it.

After having seen the film, I'm now wondering: is it possible to laugh so much at a movie and still sort-of-kind-of not like it?

To be sure, Get Smart (2008) has its share of laugh-out-loud moments. But in the end, Steve Carell just isn't Don Adams.

Adams' Maxwell Smart is a real idiot whereas Carell's is moderately intelligent yet bumbling. Adams' Smart has incredible luck and aplomb; Carell's is a little less confident. Adams' Smart would never scream; Carell's screams a lot. His fellow agents look up to Adams' Smart; Carell's fellow agents don't appreciate him enough.

The 1960's Get Smart was a sharp satire on James Bond, but for this generation, that was done (and overdone) by Austin Powers. The new Get Smart couldn't have gotten away with it anymore, so it ended up playing it more straight than I would have liked.

As Maxwell Smart says: "Missed it by that much!"

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