Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Coalition Against Corruption

Coalition Against Corruption, an alliance of the business sector, civil society organizations, and the Church dedicated to fighting corruption, has a web site.

Surprisingly, I found out about it while watching AXN last night.

Do visit the site and, if you are so inclined, see how you can help.

Among the cases that CAC is monitoring:

1. Fertilizer Scam
2. Gen. Carlos Garcia Plunder Case
3. Hernani Perez Bribery Case
4. Megapacific Vote Counting Machines Deal
5. NBN-ZTE Broadband Deal
6. Lamp Post Scam
7. MalacaƱang Cash Giveaways


  1. hi dom,

    Thanks for sharing

    This coalition is a good start.

    But I just checked their website but I did not find any actual activities that they had done to show the public that they had done anything when almost everyday we hear, in the news, that corruption is going on even up to the steps towards Malacanang :-(

  2. hi canadian bisdak,

    What's your email?

    I'll send you CAC materials not yet posted on the site. Thanks.


  3. hi ed,

    maraming salamat sa prompt response mo.

    ill be sending my email add to you in a while (baka ma monitor tuloy ng malacanang.hehe)