Friday, July 25, 2008

Bomb on a bus in Digos

Yesterday a bomb went off in a bus in Digos, a city some 50 kilometers from Davao. The bomb exploded around noon as the bus was pulling into a terminal, killing three people and wounding 24 others. Culprits still unidentified, though extortion is a strong possibility. Buses plying intercity routes are favorite targets of these gangs.

It's some indication how inured we are to violence when all this merits is a small box announcement in the major dailies. It's of less importance than, say, a senator arguing that the Supreme Court is wrong or the world prices coming down.

Just how are we supposed to deal with tragedies like this? Are we supposed to say: "Don't worry folks, it's an isolated incident, and besides Mindanao is a big place?" Or: "You just have to learn to manage your risk." Or: "Davao is still a safe place to be in."

All of the above statements are true, but somehow it just glosses over the realities in a way that fails to convince even me, the speaker. Life is just supposed to go on, this incident shunted aside, forgotten, and left to the "authorities" to handle. It's an event left unprocessed, and it's psychologically damaging.

Panic is never a good thing, but what bothers me is there seems to be no hint of it whatsoever. Not even outrage.

What are we becoming?

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