Friday, July 04, 2008

Awesome in its...awesomeness

Ah, now this one, I really liked. Great animation, stylish visuals, smooth direction, and a story that hews closely to the classic wuxia plot (but with a nice twist to the main character.)

I suppose what really got me was the voice casting and performance, vis-a-vis the visuals. I knew for a fact that Jack Black was doing Po, but I had forgotten all the others. Throughout the movie, I was wondering who played who, and that's a testament to the quality of the voice acting and the character animations. I could even conveniently forget that Black was playing Po. (The only actor I recognized was James Hong -- he of "Big Trouble in Little China.")

Special mention also goes to the highly stylized opening scenes, reminiscent of Samurai Jack. They could just as easily do a movie in that fashion.

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  1. "Awesome in its... awesomeness." I couldn't have said it better myself. I love this movie, too. :D