Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Too close to home

You never realize how bad things are until it hits too close to home.

Tonight I got a call from a friend.

"What's up?" I said with my usual good cheer.

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news," he began somberly. What he said next totally floored me.

The home of our former manager got broken into just this noon. The robbers stabbed the people inside, one of them our manager's 3-year old daughter and the other her 70-year old mother-in-law. Then they torched the house to cover their tracks.

Tomorrow it will be all over the news, the reporter feigning concern yet barely able to contain his callous glee.

It almost always looks unreal...

...until it hits too close to home.

Please pray for the souls of the departed. Keep safe.


  1. My God, this is horrible. I can't understand why anyone could do such a thing.
    My heart goes out to the victims and their family.They will be in my prayers.

  2. That is really sad. Wishing well for the departed.

    I am confused though, why was the reporter gleeful ? somehow that seemed to bother me more ... anyway...

    Thats one of the reason I don't really watch the news anymore. take care Dom!

  3. Hi, Bob: thanks.

    Hi, Marianne: that's just the way it sounds to me when I read or watch the news.

  4. Hi doms. Just heard about this. I'm just shocked and extremely saddened by the news right now.

  5. Hey, Chaz: yeah, me, too. I was trying to piece the story as best as I could -- more sad details than I'm willing to share here.

  6. oh... so you know the people in that news??? i was sooo disheartened by that, it made me end up thinking about what is REALLY happening to this country...

    i was so really saddened by that. my prayers to them. they don't deserve that, at all :(

  7. I heard about that last night too. I was with Art when he received the news from his friend. Turns out the victims were his friend's cousins. :(

    I'm sure the whole family is in shock. My condolences to all of them.

  8. I got the news the day after, i still can't believe that it happened.