Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The shoe on the other foot

ABS-CBN star reporter Ces Drilon and TV crew abducted by Abu Sayyaf in Sulu.

NUJP calls for "sobriety among colleagues in the media in reporting about the incident so as not to aggravate the situation and endanger Drilon and her companions."

Does that mean that in other occasions, when it is not a high-profile journalist who has been abducted, the media does not report with sobriety?

Don't get me wrong: I hope Ces Drilon, Prof. Dinampo, and the two other media crew are released unharmed. It's just that I'm bothered by the seeming hypocrisy of the network and the journalists' association.

If these were any other victims, the media would be all over the story like vultures. Woe to anyone who stands in the way of press freedom! But when it's one of their own, privacy, caution, and care are the words of the day.

The question is: will this incident affect the conduct of media in other similar situations in the future, star reporters or no?


  1. ever notice lately that the news feels like it's being told to you by the village tsismoso/tsismosa? :D

    This may sound a bit callous on my part, but I can't help but imagine there's a network executive somewhere crunching the numbers on how to maximize ratings as this whole thing plays out.

    I hope they make it out ok.

  2. This should serve as a precedent on how everyone will handle this types of incidents from now on. Whichever profile the victims may belong.

  3. I kind of expressed the same idea you did on my blog. :)

  4. Exactly. People should be more outraged about the media's hypocrisy.

    Whether or not ABS-CBN's attempted news blackout was justified, they better acknowledge that they're setting a precedent here.