Friday, June 20, 2008

'Isnaji pocketed much of P5-M ransom'

"Hero or Heel?" asks the cover of the more respectable national tabloids, and just above that, a picture of Indanan Mayor Alvarez Isnaji. As if to conform the latter, the PNP held a press conference this noon to announce the indictment of the mayor and his son.

Is it a reflection of my own cynicism that this should be the cause not of shock but of mirth and merriment? Do others feel the same way?

In the first place, such a revelation belies the fervent protestation that absolutely no ransom at all whatsoever was paid. Does this now make liars of the Oreña-Drilon families? Of ABS-CBN? Or -- gadzooks! -- the heavenly angel Senator Loren Legarda? Alas, we may never know.

Of the P5-M ransom that the Oreña-Drilon family was alleged to have paid, Mayor Isnaji was alleged to have pocketed P3-M. Shocking? Remember that, as far as, "bukol" goes, a going rate of over 100% is now the norm -- allegedly -- among government officials. (P5-M, in comparison with the other "bukol", is peanuts, but then again, Isnaji would merely be a small-time operator.)

So what happens to the P3-M? Was it recovered? Will it be returned? Or will it, like the envelope money given to Fr. Ed Panlilio, suddenly find its donors shy?

If Isnaji, a mayor, should find the time to engage in such lucrative extracurriculars -- and have the resources to do so -- what does that say of the other local government officials in the ARMM? Of Mindanao? Of the Philippines, in general?

Oh, and by the way, guess what ticket Isnaji ran under during the last elections?

The administration's Team Unity.

Ha. Ha.


  1. A text message making the rounds is intriguing (I don't know the source)

    I was at a luncheon mtg w Ed Espiritu. He is an unimpeachable source re Ces Drilon kidnap. He is family, brother of mom of ces. he can't believe d gall of Loren daw. She got into d picture only after family of Ces paid 5M. That when first cameraman was released. They had to pay some more for d release of Ces and Jimmy. Ces felt she had no choice but to go along with Loren's script. Loren even directed plane to taxi more to change position so that they woukld be facing camera when dey disembark and she told Cess that she has to emerge from plane first and dat Ces should flollow only after 10 mins. And now Loren & Ed Angara want Ces to seek an audience with GMA. Ces knows she's being used but at d time of her release she felt she had no choice. By dway d family also thinks dat d mayor being held now is guilty. He & Loren were also d ones who negotiated w kidnappers of Arlene de la Cruz w same MO.

  2. Hey, Dean: if this is so, I hope Ms. Drilon blows the lid on the whole thing. Then again....

    Hay 'naku, mga intrigero at oportunista talaga.

  3. I suspected this kidnap-ransom-politics was just a moro-moro on the surface and a lot of persona is benefiting from the strife. Mindanao's (or sulu for that matter) image remained "negative" and hostile because so many people are feeding on it. They wanted Mindanao to be what it is right now because they get something from it.

    And uh, by the way the only I thing I believe from press releases and stories released by the government and politicians is that THEY ARE ALL LIES. I'd only believe the opposite of what they're saying...

  4. dom,
    how do you know that mrs. drilon ISN'T the source of this text? (haha)

    My guess is it would have to be from the person who GAVE the money for the ransom, since it would seem Loren is just free loading on his or her generosity. the implication is that it is ed espiritu no?