Friday, June 27, 2008

The Other Tragedy

With all the attention focused on the MV Princess of the Stars, the tragedy that has befallen Iloilo and other parts of the Western Visayas has been pushed into the background, and unfairly so. I only got an inkling of this from a blog post from my buddy Spidamang, who posted pictures
Picture taken from Spidamang's blog.

Spidamang writes:

Last Saturday afternoon, Typhoon Frank gave Western Visayas an ass kicking of epic proportions. A lot of towns were inundated. While the City just went about their normal businesses. Nobody was expecting to get hit, and obviously not this hard. The whole night was a blur as everybody was concentrating on keeping themselves and everything they could save dry. The waters rose by five feet in just 15 minutes on our apartment.

Spidamang says that he's one of the lucky ones. Accounts that Manolo Quezon has compiled point to much worse situations. issues this report, along with an appeal for help (reproduced here in almost its entirety):

Around 80+% of the city went underwater during the weekend affecting 48,836 families or 244,090 persons. The worst hit district was Jaro, where the flood waters were reported to have reached a high of 2 meters, submerging almost the entire district. Residents with one-storey houses were forced to spend the night on top of their house’s roof while the rain still poured down. Meanwhile, in Iloilo Province, among the most affected towns include: Oton, Miagao, Leganes, Pavia, Zarraga, Leon, Janiuay, Leon, Pototan, Dumangas, Barotac Nuevo, Ajuy, and Carles. Initial reports by the Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council tallied 115,149 affected families or 569,142 persons.

The aftermath of the storm had left a thick layer of mud all over the city and province: Inside homes, buildings, on roadways, and open spaces. The damages in agriculture and infrastructure in Iloilo was estimated to have reached more than P500M (P1B for the whole region). Ongoing rescue operations and disaster management in Western Visayas had earlier reported a death toll of 213 persons for the whole region, 135 were from Iloilo.

Iloilo needs your help! There are still thousands of families who lost their homes and are currently living in evacuation centers or in makeshift houses beside streets and bridges. These unfortunate people need food, water, clothes, medicines, etc. Any form of assistance extended to the affected families of Iloilo City will be deeply appreciated.


  1. Hi Dom, thanks for the link.

    Anyway, here are some links to photo galleries of the effects of typhoon frank to show why I count myself as one of the luckier ones.,com_zoom/Itemid,139/catid,48/

    There's dust everywhere now that all the mud has dried up.

  2. You can't lynch God for the flooding.
    But it sure is fun to see Suplicao execs squirm!

    What shallow mindset we have.