Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Nosebleed Gang

Photo lifted from Charles

Saturday's Davao Bloggers Party was a blast insofar as the number of like-minded connections that I made. I finally made the personal acquaintance with the Remo, the Bone Doc (triple entendré intended) and we got to chatting about people we knew. We shared the table with fellow book lover Floraine and the statuesque Leigh. A little later, we dragged in Jenny and Charles. I think we were possibly the noisiest table that night.

Not content with the party, we went for some drinks at Flanagan's, an Irish pub along CM Recto. We merged with Bidul, Blogie, Bong, Cathara, Leah, and Rodney. Conversation revolved around art, pornography, Ces Drilon, countryside development and other topics that could make your nose bleed.

Hence...the Nosebleed Gang. (That's Remo's idea.)

Many thanks to Ria and the Usual Suspects for organizing the gig.


  1. Look at Remo, he is so happy with his fast mouse.

  2. Now, I have nearly a dozen new blogs to check out.

  3. Shucks, Dom, it was Leigh's pornographic online portfolio thats started this all!

  4. next time hindi na ako mag hohost! join na lang ako sa mga discussions niyo..