Sunday, June 01, 2008

June rolls in

Whoa, what's that sound? It's the rumble of June rolling in: of looming dark clouds threatening rain, of inching, honking cars dropping off the kids at school, of bags rattling on rough pavement. It means that summer's over, and with it, just a little less than half the year.

That's the thing with living right across a school -- or worse still, across your old high school. Your body clock somehow becomes attuned to the school calendar. June feels like the start of a whole new year. And the new year always gives me pause to take stock, a decidedly melancholy exercise.

So where exactly am I?

January, February, and early March saw me wrapping up my classes at Ateneo. All in all, it was a unique learning experience and out of that I got new perspectives and new friends. I guess I'll have to get used to being called "Kuya Doms", that being more tolerable than "Sir Doms" or "Sir Kuya Doms."

I was fortunate to be grouped with a very bright batch of AB English majors, all of whom graduated with flying colors. It's a thrill to see them take the first tentative steps out of school and into the horribly misnamed "real world."

That said, I don't think I'll be re-enrolling this coming semester. I've already gotten what I needed out of the classes, I think; the rest would just be formalization. I don't think I'm really meant to get a higher degree.

The classes made me re-evaluate one of my major goals, that of being a writer. After going through Great Literature, I feel even more overwhelmed. A mere byline seems so paltry in comparison to works that have lasted over 500 years.

That's part of the reason I haven't written a whole lot these past few months. Time to fix that.

Which is not to say that I haven't written anything at all. In a flash of effort, I managed to put together a 4,000-word short story for the Ateneo Writers Workshop. The work, I know, wasn't perfect (I have a problem with the "Filipino sound" of my dialogue); but Don Pagusara said it made him laugh hysterically, so it's a promising piece. A couple of re-edits necessary.

Had a turn at editing Dagmay, the Literary Journal of the Davao Writers Guild. I must say it's something I really enjoy doing. Maybe I'm not meant to be a great writer, but I know I can be a great editor. Editors seem to be what the Philippines is missing. More on that in a later piece.

The start of the year also sprang a surprise in the form of a new business. Something totally unexpected, and not without its share of annoyances, relating mostly to personnel. On the whole, though, it's really coming together.

Tried to find a job with some tech outsourcing companies, but realized it really just wasn't for me. They're looking for programmers, and though I do program, that's not what I am. It didn't help at all that I didn't sound like I was financially hungry for the work. Truth is, I'm not, not right now anyways; but I will sign up if it's intellectually challenging.

Started with the gym, slacked off for a couple of months, but back on track again. Got bloated in the meantime.

And then, there's Baldy, Mr. Handsome Guy himself:

A real bundle of joy.

Gotta get me one of my own.