Monday, June 09, 2008

Deep Blue H1

Dr. Mac Tiu, my literature teacher, unveiled to me his latest purchase: a Deep Blue H1 ultramobile PC. He had been eyeing an EeePC for the longest time but took his time in deciding; and off the cuff, I'd say it was a good thing.

The Deep Blue H1 gets a lot of things right. The external design looks sleek and professional. The screen looks sharper and crisper than the EeePC's. It's slightly larger and heavier than the EeePC, but negligibly so.

Deep Blue H1 ships with the Linpus distribution. It's a funny name for a distro (the "-pus" really gets to me) but I have to say it has a pretty slick desktop; even better than EeePC's modified Xandros.

The real attraction points for many people: 1GB memory, 40GB hard disk, and low, low price of P17,000 (for the Linux version.)

From the looks of it, the Deep Blue H1 is really made for Windows XP. It shows in the Windows XP version (pricier at P22,000).

Specs of the Deep Blue H1:

Processor : VIA Esther 1.0 GHz
Memory : 1GB DDR2
Video : 7.0-inch Wide TFT, WXGA (800x480)
Harddisk : 40GB Mobile
Audio : Built-in speakers
Ports : 2 x USB 2.0
LAN : 10/100Mbps
Wi-Fi : 802.11b/g Wireless LAN
Weight : 1.20 kg.
Features : Card reader
Web camera
Touch pad with left & right buttons
Up to 4½ hours battery life

More on the official site.

Aside: I lost my EeePC! My sister sold her Mac and sequestered my computer in the meantime. Time for a new purchase? Hmmm....


  1. Sir Dom, bang for the buck UMPC ba tong Deep Blue H1? I've been eyeing to buy an EEPC since my laptop had its funeral rites 2mos ago. Crisis pa, so the price is a big factor. If you have a choice between the two, would you go for this one, Deep Blue H1?


  2. Hey, Dr. Bone: can't really say as I only had a few minutes with it. But offhand, I'd be really tempted to buy it myself. The price isn't bad.

    There are more in-depth reviews over at Might be worth a look.

    You might want to invest in an external keyboard and monitor for when you're doing real work, though.

  3. Hi village savant,

    didn't know you relocated to Davao.

    Hope things are well.

    Let's catch up when you are in cebu.


  4. a bit late for a comment but i'll leave one na din. came across this site looking for a pic of the H1. anyways been using this baby everyday since I got it last October. reformatted it using windows xp lite and it worked like a charm dont get me wrong, the original linpus OS was doing oki and really has a fast start up time, the thing is I'm having problems installing apps its not really a user friendly OS hahaha. not that much of a linux user. anyways this laptop is perfect for travelers and students alike. had microsoft office 2007 installed, firefox, utorrent, yahoo messenger, acrobat reader and AVG anti virus. also had klm mega codec pack installed, perfect for watching movies in long trips. :) now i dont get bored na. hahaha.

  5. My GF and I bought a Blue H1 last October 2008. She takes very good care of it, and always warns me to put it down softly even when I was going to place it on her bed! Anyway, this brand has a lot of hardware problems, particularly the keyboard. For the past year, she encountered malfunctions (or no function whatsoever) of the keys. This has occurred multiple times. Then just as the warranty expires, the keyboard fail again! So be warned. Another friend of her’s also junked her Blue H1 less than a year from buying it. Your better of buying the more expensive brands than this piece of sh*t.