Thursday, June 05, 2008

The day Davao stood still

Unusually heavy rains fell on Davao at around 4:30PM today, bringing the normally smooth-flowing traffic to a standstill. I work across the busy intersection of C.M. Recto, J.P. Laurel, R. Magsaysay, and Jacinto and saw the traffic jam firsthand. Traffic is only starting to move now, but slowly. Some areas look to be flooded hence the severe slowdown.

Update: Traffic started moving again at around 8:30PM, a welcome relief. Passed through Magsaysay and then through Sta. Ana and into Obrero without much difficulty.

That would have been the end of the story if a beautiful damsel in distress hadn't called, but she did. It seems taxis were scarce where she was. So I picked her up along Gen. Luna, then drove her home to Bangkal via Bangkerohan and MacArthur Highway.

Traffic along the bridge was surprisingly light: I suppose after the rain, everyone just wanted to go home. Ditto for MacArthur Highway, up until Buffet Palace where the water had not subsided and cars had slowed to a crawl. We took a detour to Quimpo Boulevard instead where traffic was moving at its usual weekday pace.

Coming home I took largely the same route but skipped the bridge and turned into San Pedro instead. Traffic normal and no sign of flooding. Driving was a breeze.

Aside: where the water was deep, though, was along F. Torres. Not deep enough that cars couldn't cross, but enough to cause me to worry. Plus, there were all those uncovered drains. Shudder. Decided to turn back and head along Quimpo.

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