Friday, June 06, 2008

Brooke White's youngest fan

Meet my nephew Jerry, Brooke White's youngest fan.

My sister was trying out various songs to see what Jerry would react to. Classical music was first, of course -- I suppose we were all hoping for the Mozart effect -- but the little guy just kept on crying. And then she tried some of the songs from the latest season of American Idol.

Whaddya know? Jackpot.

Of all the singers, though, it seems that Brooke White was the one Jerry responded to most of all. He stops crying when Brooke's rendition of "Every Breath You Take" comes on.

I'm not entirely sure if it's because of Brooke White or because of the song. I have sung it to him several times -- quite badly, I assure you, so no need to drag Simon Cowell in for a critique -- and each time he calms down.

Maybe I should try the original Police version next time.

Regardless, Brooke White's other songs seem to have a similar effect, but by far, the favorite is "Every Breath You Take." (Picture above is of Jerry sleeping with the song playing in the a loop.)


  1. J.P. loves all sorts of music......but none of it calms him down to sleep. He'd rather sing and dance.

  2. wow, that is quite a lullaby you've given him... :)

  3. I remember Brooke White.

    Carly Simon look-alike.

    I saw her sing Beatle's 'Let It Be', it was beautiful.