Friday, May 16, 2008

Writing for the best weekly paper in the Visayas

Not many of you know it but I actually write for the best weekly community paper in the Visayas. That's right: the best.

I've been writing for Dumaguete's Metro Post since 2001 (seven years running now.) It was a delightful surprise when publishers Alex and Irma Pal broke the news: Metro Post is a finalist in all five categories of the weekly paper division of the Philippine Press Institute's Annual Community Press Awards.

Metro Post is a finalist for Best Edited Paper, Best Editorial Page, Best in Science and Environmental Reporting, Best in Business and Economic Reporting, and Best in Photojournalism. It is the only paper to be named so in all five categories. It competes in these categories with Mabuhay, Sunday Punch, Balikas, Baguio Midland Courier, and Pampanga News from Luzon. (There are no finalists from Mindanao.)

Sure, it may not have the reach and influence of, say, the Philippine Daily Star, but the Metro Post has always been, in my opinion, the best paper.

Stay tuned for the final verdict at the end of the month.