Monday, May 12, 2008

Transport strike

Nationwide transport strike today. I wouldn't exactly say the jeepney routes were paralyzed in Davao, but there were noticeably fewer plying the streets. Being at CM Recto, we were at the hub of the activities: the organizers set up speakers at the intersection and egged those still travelling the streets to join them. Noisy and fun.


  1. Hi Dom,
    I'm assuming the strike is over the high price of gasoline.
    There really isn't much a government can do to help.Adopting some sort of price control will only make matters worse by messing up the economy.
    The only thing any of us can do is to change our lifestyle to be less dependent on gasoline.....but,sadly, that's easier said than done.

  2. Hi, Robert,

    From over here, it's yes and no. On one hand, there's significant inefficiencies in the way we operate. The perception is that the big three petroleum operators act like a cartel. There's a hankering for the old days when there was an oil stabilization fund -- which is also infeasible over the long term.