Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pacquiao and Roach

Nope, I didn't do this bit of photoshopping, but I thought it was a riot. Discovered it when I was at my printer, and my layout artist (who requested anonymity) was using it as his wallpaper.

I think it's a fine example of Bisayan humor: earthy, crude, caustic, a little cruel, but funny nonetheless.

By the way, in the wallpaper, Roach's thought balloon read: "Wala dinhi Mama nimo, Dong." (Your mom's not around, boy.)


  1. Hi Dom,
    I've picked up enough Visayan, from listening to my wife and her friends talk, that I understood "Wala dinhi Mama nimo, Dong." But, I'm at a loss translating "pakikok kok !!" I can't find anything in my Cebuano dictionary that's even close......and I'm afraid to ask my wife.

  2. He he, it doesn't mean anything (as far as I know): it's like "yadda yadda yadda."

    By the way, I thought it was the layout artist who did this bit of photoshop work, but turns out it's been circulating around the Internet for a while. So...provenance unknown.