Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mad Scientist

Earthquake in China, cyclone in Burma, hurricanes in the United States, prices of food and oil spiraling...wouldn't it be just dandy if some mad scientist comes out, claims responsibility, and demands that we turn over all world governments to him? Then maybe we could send some super secret agent (and sexy sidekick) after him....

Alas, evil isn't nearly as glamorous as it was in the 1960s. It's far too mundane and far too real.

Haven't drawn anything in a while, and thought I'd get started again. I'm teaching an art class at Notespell this summer. Only two students, one 12, the other 7, but we're having fun.

Times like these, we have to hold on to whatever good we can.


  1. Say... is that mad scientist flipping a finger?

  2. Glad you noticed. Yes, that was the intended effect, though ambivalent enough to be deniable. :-)

  3. He looks a lot like Nosferatu in a space ship.

  4. He he, yeah, that too. Must be subliminal: I did mention "Nosferatu" to one of my students (he was complaining about the sexy treatment that vampires have been getting.)