Monday, May 19, 2008

Ateneo Writers Workshop

I'm off to the Ateneo de Davao Writers Workshop. I'll be away for three days, so no blog updates in the meantime.

I turned in two stories for this workshop: "Invader" and "An Unusual Treatment." Both stories have their share of strengths and problems, so I'm looking forward to the comments from the participants.


Congratulations! You have been selected as one of the fifteen (15) fellows for 2007 Ateneo SummerWriters Workshop to be held on May 19-21, at La Storta Retreat House, Shrine Hills, Davao City.

You are expected to attend the Opening Program on May 19, at 9:00AM. This will be held at 511-112 Finster Building, Ateneo de Davao Universtiy. Dr. Resil Mojares will be the keynote speaker.

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  1. KUUUYA DOM! hahaha! I told you nalinkna kita. Hahaha! :)

    Weee! Saya ng workshop! I learned a lot. See you when I see you. :)

    - bam