Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mister Wolf, please guard my sheep....

In the wake of fears of a rice shortage, it was inevitable that attention should turn once again to population control / family planning. After all, the reasoning goes, with fewer mouths in the country to feed, there would be more to go around for everyone. And, naturally, the bitter blame goes to the Catholic church for spoiling government efforts in promoting modern contraceptive methods.

Let me repeat part of the last statement: "blame goes to the Catholic church for spoiling government efforts in promoting modern contraceptive methods."

Excuse me? All of a sudden, because we have now dragged the Catholic church into the fray, the government suddenly becomes trustworthy and competent enough to manage a multi-million dollar population control program?

Modern contraceptive methods, being, as they say, modern, require use of both chemical and physical means; which is to say, they must be invented, tested, and paid for. Modern contraceptives cost real money. No wonder, then, that a recent U.N. study shows that the country needs about $2-M for contraceptives yearly from 2007 to 2010 to provide them for free or at subsidized prices to the poor.

And, naturally, proponents want to hand that much money to the government, the same government that wants to spend P2.806-B on ghost fertilizer deliveries? The same government whose job it was to make sure there was adequate production of rice to begin with? Why the sudden bequest of trust? Is it because the $2-M per year ($8-M in all) is so trivial an amount compared to the $329-M the government wanted to spend on a broadband project that we can count on it to be honest?

We can argue all day long on the morality for and against modern contraception, but to propose that someone actually GIVE money to this this government to run the program? It's about as wise as asking wolves to guard sheep.

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  1. As usual, you've hit the nail on the head.