Friday, April 11, 2008

Job fair at Gaisano

A swarm of people yesterday at Gaisano Mall of Davao, owing to the job fair. Not a bad idea holding it at the mall: it's accessible and it has the space, and the mall makes a killing from the additional sales arising from increased foot traffic.

It also becomes a one-stop location: all the relevant government agencies are represented. Now, if only it didn't have such a big banner announcing that the fair was brought to you by Speaker Prospero Nograles. Sigh. Can't escape patronage.

On the other hand, makes me worry about the possibility of stampede.

Forgot to take a photo of the horrendous messianic Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo poster. Will do that later.


  1. wow, that looks stressful; all the people, all the HOPE floating around, i wonder what's the hiring percentage in those things?

    sorry. cynical, despairing moment there.

  2. I liked your pics. It just shows how big the unemployment rate in the Phils. is.
    We pay cheap labor rates but we can't get enough Foreign Direct Investments in our country.
    Singapore, HK, Aust, NZ where everything is expensive continues to get much better FDIs and are in fact experiencing labor shortages.
    The trend is for "well" educated persons to go for higher pay here or abroad.
    As for the less educated average "Juans", if you hear them talk on TV, you will understand why the foreigners are complaining.

  3. Hi, R., good to hear from you. Yeah, I got stressed just looking at the folks. But they didn't look sour. Filipinos always know how to make a fiesta of anything.

    Hi, A., perhaps not so much unemployment rate as the desire for mobility? Some of these folks just might be after better jobs. On the other hand, the appeal for overseas employment has lost none of its glamor.