Thursday, April 10, 2008

HP's EeePC killer

Discovered via Slashdot: HP 2133 'Eee killer' mini laptop is official.

The article calls it a "race to the bottom" but I like to think that it's technology coming up with the right sizes for everyone. For day-to-day mobile use, ordinary users don't really need multicore CPUs, gigabytes of RAM, Blue-Ray, and gazillions of disk space. There's battery life and weight

This is the sort of thing that Mark Shuttleworth predicted a couple of years ago: instead of maintaining a high price point and developing hardware to match that following Moore's Law, we can now maintain a hardware technology point with decreasing costs. And that still follows Moore's Law.

Back to the HP2133, early specs indicate that this will have a sleek exterior (pretty), bigger keyboard (good) Via C7-M 1.2GHz CPU (not good), Windows Vista Business edition (not good) or Novell SuSE Linux (slightly good), 2GB of RAM (very good), 120GB hard drive (very good), 56K modem (yawn), 802.11b/g WiFi (ho-hum), Bluetooth adaptor (slightly good), and up to four hours of battery life (very good).

Weight, though, is 1.27kg and target price is GBP300 (or P21,000 to P25,000 once it hits Philippine shores). That's not too good.