Saturday, April 05, 2008

Davao FAT 2008: Bryan's Grill and Cafe

This post is much-delayed, the event itself having taken place on March 16. I am only now able to commit it to the blog.
Our very last stop for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2008 was Bryan's Grill and Cafe. Now, Bryan's is a bit of an anomaly in the Davao food scene: it's not exactly a restaurant, and it doesn't sit with other establishments in our restaurant rows in F. Torres or Damosa Gateway. Instead, it shares space with a mansion-turned-bed-and-breakfast in the quiet subdivision of Palm Village in the mainly residential Bo. Obrero (very close to where I live, incidentally.)

It's an anomaly because the food that Bryan's serves ranks up there with the best of local fine dining.

Proprietor Bryan Bajado is a graduate of the Center for the Culinary Arts and his love for food shows. For this last stop of the FAT 2008, Bryan prepared samplers of all his best dishes.
For appetizers, we started out with grilled pepper-crusted sashimi and sausage.

For salad, we had a combination of shrimp cocktail and Caesar's salad.

For the main course, we each had a sampler plate of Angus beef and mashed potatos, chicken in pasta, and salmon.

And for dessert: blueberry cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake.

Arturo's Bed and Breakfast, where Bryan's is nestled, is a family enterprise. It's an elegant house that's been converted into a small hotel. I do mean small: they only have three rooms to let. Dining took place beside the swimming pool of the house; that may not be the usual idea of fine dining, but it actually feels cool and comfortable, like having a private party at a rich aunt's place.
In line with the fine dining theme, Bryan's food is a little pricey but is very much worth it.

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