Saturday, April 05, 2008

Blogger Outing: Campo Agua

It was Jojie Alcantara's idea to call for a bloggers' outing, owing largely to the fact that she had never joined us in any of the food trips or food tours. In the year since Mindanao Bloggers first came into being, Jojie has been a very helpful presence, going so far as to sponsor some of our activities; but schedules never really matched. So Jojie organized two outings: one to Campo Agua, and the other to Crocodile Park. My schedule could only afford Campo Agua, so it was to that I went.

Campo Agua is in Sirawan, a small area a little off the Toril town proper. Campo Agua is a converted fish pond that has the aspirations of a resort, but might be described for now as a work-in-progress. It's best known for two things: its fishing motif and its wading pool / play area for kids.

Campo Agua also goes by the name of Sure Catch. I'm not sure but I think I'd actually been to this place three years before. Its main attraction is fishing: you fish for your meal in the fishpond. They stock the pond with tilapia and hito so technically it's a "sure catch." They weigh your catch and that's how much you pay for (and if the fish aren't biting, you can still get them the usual way -- through the waiter.)

No fishing for us today, though. Our gracious host Kenneth Valderrama already had a meal prepared for us. The meal consisted of the aofrementioned tilapia and hito, plus some sisig. The fish was delicious!

Be that as it may, getting to Campo Agua was a little adventure for me, as well. Since I didn't have use of the car, I took a Toril-bound jeepney from Roxas (across Ateneo de Davao) and got off at the town proper. From there, I hired a tricycle to take me to Campo Agua. Jeepney fair was P20, and the tricycle was P15 (and I added P5 as tip as I was the only passenger). It was a good chance to see the outskirts of Davao. The trip was a good hour, and I still managed to arrive before the rest of the party.

The gang who went:
  • Blogie

  • Migs

  • Andrew

  • Winston

  • Dominique

  • Chikai

  • Maria

  • Lovely