Monday, March 17, 2008

Why is Blogger so slow?

I don't know if other Blogger users also feel it, but on Firefox 2, the web interface has just become so slow.

There's a half second delay from between the time I press a key on they keyboard and the time the letter appears on screen. Worse, the delay is cumulative. so by the time I get to the end of this sentence, a grand total of 15 seconds would already have passed by before it appears on screen. It's intolerable!

A quick check of the page information shows that the web interface is no more than 6.4 kilobytes, so size alone should not be the issue. It shouldn't really be acting this way as the interaction is local, with no data as being sent to the server.

However, a close examination of the code reveals that the web interface loads 12 external Javascript programs. Many of these programs are small, but a few are whoppers! There's a Rich Text Editor Javascript that weighs in at 66 kilobytes, for example.

Why Blogger is so slow is because it loads in too many functions are variables. And for what? Possibly for features that I don't really need!

The situation is marginally better in the Epiphany web browser, but even there, there are indications of delayed response.

It's for this reason that I've started using Scribefire to post to Blogger.

I just wish the folks at Blogger would fix this problem, though. A compromise solution might be to offer a lightweight client with fewer features and a full client with Rich Text editors and spell checking and what have you. Let the user choose!

Are you experiencing this problem, too?