Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What is the sound of the color blue?

It seems my call for poetry has prompted secret poets to come out of their closets. Thanks all for the submissions.

Poetry, in particular, good poetry, is not easy to do. I'm still learning to do it right. Some people seem to have the knack more than others. Which is not to say that people shouldn't try to write poems.

What I've noticed from many of the entries submitted is the focus on rhyme. Rhyme is good, but rhyme alone doesn't make a poem. Ditto for meter and versification and other aspects of the form of poetry.

That's why I'm starting (what will hopefully become) a series of poetry prompts. I hope to get you thinking and exercising your poetic muscles.

This first exercise is one of imagery. Ready?

"What is the sound of the color blue?"

(What sounds would you associate with the color blue? Describe that sound. Imagine that you are describing the color blue to a blind man.)

Post your answers as replies to this message. Include a link to your blog. Have fun!


  1. Three ducks in a pond,
    The BLUE sky beyond,
    With white clouds on the wing.

    What a little thing
    To remember for years,
    To remember,
    With soundless tears.

  2. Ha ha, thanks for taking the challenge, Dean. I was looking for a description of the sound itself, so the key words have to evoke sound.

  3. kinda like - a wail of despair in a dark, silent night?

    sorry, poetry was never my strong suit.

  4. In younger days, the sound of blue was the amplified staccato from a Fender guitar.
    Not today.
    The sound of blue is my 2 year old son's Thomas the Tank Engine.
    chug a-chug a

  5. Hi, Spidamang: poetry is hard, that's why it's worthwhile ;-) Your imagery evokes more black (with a twinge of red) than blue, though.

    Hi, Robert: now I think there's the seed of a great poem there ;-)

  6. This bright summer day,
    Gentle waves caress the sand;
    Singing lullabies.

  7. In poetry it's seems essential that the sound evoke the sense.

    But being a Lasallian, blue is ineradicably the sound of that other school just south of Balara, unless of course it's Billie Holiday.

  8. Hi, Roy: thanks for that.

    I would also add my own haiku-derived, er, imaging:

    Silence of the sky
    Listening to the wind flirting
    With tall, swaying grass

  9. Hi, Dean: absolutamente! That's another of the mysteries of the poetry. Language is so compressed that you try to squeeze as much as you can, even just the very sound, from the words that you use. Hard to do well, actually.

  10. Interesting article at Wired Science:
    "When infant eyes absorb a world of virgin visions, colors are processed purely, in a pre-linguistic parts of the brain. As adults, colors are processed in the brain's language centers, refracted by the concepts we have for them."

  11. sorry to intrude..Can't help being poetical....

    Cool moonlight coo
    soothing water lure
    Calming rain drops too
    whispering breeze thou pure


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