Monday, March 03, 2008

Pressure Release Valve and the Ethanol Myth

My good pal Hoovenson, late of Spro Coffee Shop, blogs over at Pressure Release Valve. It's a blog that's reflective of its owner: cerebral yet quirky, but with a good dose of useful information. Now if he would only blog more often.

Anyway, Benz's recent post caught my eye: Ethanol as biofuel. Benz got it from the Economist.

In a nutshell: ethanol is a lousy biofuel because it uses too much water to produce.

It's something to think about given the green campaign that many of our politicians are riding on. (And yes, I am talking to you, Migz Ziburi.) There's an unintended consequence to all this hype, and the potential for damage over the long term is greater.

Further reading from the International Herald Tribune.

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