Friday, March 28, 2008

Free Adobe Photoshop Express

Got this Slashdot this morning: free Adobe Photoshop Express.

Now, I'm an avowed GIMP user so there's no reason for Photoshop to excite me; but Adobe Photoshop Express on the web should be plenty cool to a lot of people, hence the post.

To clarify: it's not a freely downloadable copy. Rather, it's a web application that's like Flickr or Picasa on steroids. Like other online photo galleries, you can upload photos and organize them into albums. Unlike other photo galleries, you can:

  • Crop and Rotate
  • Autocorrect
  • Change exposure and saturation
  • Remove red eye
  • Touchup
  • Tune white balance
  • Tune highlights
  • Fill lights
  • Sharpen or soften

You can also apply other effects.

Pretty neat. Now, if only it worked with PSD files...

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