Friday, March 14, 2008

Dom and Jerry

Pictures of my nephew and me.

He's a cute little monster. Bald, but cute.


  1. ohhh, so cute !!! just wait till he's old enough to play with your computer and leave sticky residue on the screen and keyboard ;-).

    Glad to "see" you, Dom. You still look thesame as I remember you.

  2. Hey Dom,

    Go out and find that special girl already.
    You look like you're so ready to have a Jerry of your own. =)

  3. Problem is finding a suitable female for Dom. One that is..

    A) Versed in Science Fiction Classic.

    B) Fluent in command line Linux.

    C) Knows where Tony Stark got his bum heart.

  4. As if A-C were not hard enough, I would add:

    D) big boobs

    E) long legs

  5. Tough ask on that criteria Doms. Very high standards but I'm sure Geek Girl is out there somewhere. Cute photos though. I'm sure that should go on your singles resumé.

    Linux Geek, Loves Kids.

  6. Mr. Dominique Cimafranca:

    In case you don't find the special woman, may we suggest that you join the volunteers for human cloning? We are reserving priority number 314159 in your name. Good luck to your search.

  7. I have strong reason to believe that he IS a clone.