Saturday, March 15, 2008

Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2008

Before I get started, perhaps some explanation is in order. FAT is not what I've become because of all the Davao Food Trips that we've been going on. FAT is the Food Appreciation Tour that my blog buddies have organized to celebrate the Araw ng Dabaw. As a result of this, we may all get fat, but that's beside the point. One is an acronym, the other is an adjective.

Seriously, though: the Food Appreciation Tour promises to be a bonanza of culinary delights. It runs for three days, starting Friday, March 14, through Sunday, March 16. There's a number of stops, from the best-kept Davao secrets (we hope no longer so secret after we blog about them) to the swanky tourist spots. Sadly, I won't be able to join all the scheduled trips because of work and family obligations on Saturday. As for the rest, though? I'm ready and rarin'.

From the Davao Food Trip blog:

The restaurants we will be visiting are Lachis, Kasagingan, Bryan’s Grill & CafĂ© (formerly La Piscine), Taps, Eden Nature Park, and Polo Bistro at the Marco Polo Hotel. Our friends at Sugar Munch and the Food Processors Association of Davao will also be giving us some of their products to enjoy.

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  1. This sounds cool :) When do we get to see the food pics?