Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Davao FAT 2008 Memories

There are still a couple more posts to write about the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2008, and there are several remaining pictures to put up. But before I get lost in all those details, I think I should mention the following hosts and friends (some old, some new) in gratitude for a well-spent weekend:

To Blogie, for conceptualizing the tour.

To Ria, for organizing the event. And a very well-organized event it was, conducted with military precision. If you need a wedding organized, I'll voice for Ria.

To our various hosts:

  • Mike and Melvin Aviles of Lachi's Sans Rival;
  • Karyn Flores of Davao Marco Polo Hotel;
  • Chito Ayala of Eden Nature Park; and
  • Byran Bajado of Bryan's Grill and Cafe

To blog buddies, old and new:

To all other hosts whose hospitality I was not able to partake of:
  • TAPS
  • Kasagingan
  • Sugar Munch
  • Food Processors Association of Davao

Thanks one and all.

I'll be back.