Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Davao FAT 2008 Memories

There are still a couple more posts to write about the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2008, and there are several remaining pictures to put up. But before I get lost in all those details, I think I should mention the following hosts and friends (some old, some new) in gratitude for a well-spent weekend:

To Blogie, for conceptualizing the tour.

To Ria, for organizing the event. And a very well-organized event it was, conducted with military precision. If you need a wedding organized, I'll voice for Ria.

To our various hosts:

  • Mike and Melvin Aviles of Lachi's Sans Rival;
  • Karyn Flores of Davao Marco Polo Hotel;
  • Chito Ayala of Eden Nature Park; and
  • Byran Bajado of Bryan's Grill and Cafe

To blog buddies, old and new:

To all other hosts whose hospitality I was not able to partake of:
  • TAPS
  • Kasagingan
  • Sugar Munch
  • Food Processors Association of Davao

Thanks one and all.

I'll be back.


  1. Lecher...
    Starlet stalker...

    there goes my good reputation...


    until next stalking brader dom!

  2. elow poh, sir dom.kaw poh ung nakaeyeglasses sa pic? ung nakagreen at malaki tyan? cute nyoh palah. kayah palah u hiblood, overweight palah u :-)

  3. I took that picture, ergo I am not in it.

  4. Lagot kay Avel si anonymous ! hehehehe !
    Nice meeting you and the rest of the gang during Davao FAT ! Hope to cya soon !